Cannabis strain Blackberry is a well-balanced hybrid known for its dominantly fruity smell and diesel undertones. Its taste is sweet and leaves an earthy aftertaste.

When harvest-ready, its buds are deep purple, mimicking berries, and bare bright orange hairs and frosty crystals.

Its THC levels can be quite high, often reaching 20%. Reviewers have noted this strain is good for itssativa effects in the afternoons, often increasing cerebral activity to help in social situations (like concerts) and inventiveness concerning hobbies. Other reviewers enjoy the indica effects and consume close to bedtime, stating that it can induce a couch-lock that’s good for movies or slipping into sleep as muscles from head to toe are calmly relaxed.

Other than the normal dry mouth and eyes, negative side effects include anxiousness and dizziness if consumed improperly.

Blackberry ⭐⭐⭐​